Be in control of your destiny.

Want to try out life on the opposite coast or pick up a hobby that requires mountaintops? Life as a travel nurse means you’re in the driver seat of your destiny. Nursing is a profession ripe with demand, which means you are in the position to call the shots. After all, opportunity is always knocking, so which door are you going to open?


Travel nurses who contract with a staffing agency have a sweeter deal. That’s because the less exciting legwork is handled by the nurse’s representing company. Seeking out available positions, determining appropriate fit, and the tedious application process and contract negotiations can all be off your plate if you partner with an agency. That leaves you with time to get ready for your next adventure.


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Tapping into your inner creative with your students.

Kids want interesting. They aren’t going to grasp the important points via a PowerPoint presentation that is unless it’s a superhero running the meeting. Abstract shapes and bright colors will keep their attention far longer than a grayscale line graph. School therapists know this and it’s why they tap into their inner creativity regularly to find the most effective ways to reach their students.


“One of the wonderful things about creativity is that it belongs to everyone, and we can find it almost everywhere,” said American Counseling Association President Thelma Duffey in a Counseling Today article.


Music, books, film, movement or a craft project can all inspire positive shifts in students. Creativity is more accessible now than ever before through blogs, YouTube videos, and professional Pinterest boards. As a contract therapist, you can let your imagination escape the “tried and true” and instead explore how creative elements can pave the way for more successful sessions.


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Fast-paced career growth that’s fun.

Travel nurses have a luxury that many envy because they can dodge the dread of feeling stagnant at their job. Few career opportunities present such a fast-paced trajectory upward simply because travel nurses are always on the move growing and learning in a whole host of ways. With each assignment comes a new facility along with a slew of SOPs, people, and responsibilities to navigate.


The prospects for a travel nurse are robust especially if you’re interested in broadening your skill set and exploring an alternate healthcare field. Take a welcomed leap over to pediatrics, radiology, or even become a trainer to implement new software. Wherever your career might lead, you can rest assured knowing its meaningfulness will remain constant both to you as a professional and those who receive your care and support.


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Paying it forward in a big, little way.

Think back to when you were young. There’s likely an adult who made a lasting impression that you still remember today. Maybe it was an English teacher who made you enjoy picking up a book or a coach who believed in your abilities when you doubted them. A school therapist can be that one person to many, because they help students realize their individual potential while giving them the tools to conquer a variety of challenges.


As a contract therapist, you have the golden opportunity to care for our country’s next generation and make a true difference. Contracts range from occupational therapy, psychological and counseling to speech therapy. While needs and teaching environments change, seeing your students flourish and grow to enjoy learning is a constant reward that will never grow old.


If you have what it takes to be a school therapist, check out the current available opportunities.

Find and Retain Your Superstar Clinicians with an MSP

Contracting with contingent workers can be a complex process. A noteworthy benefit of partnering with an MSP is the time savings and headache avoidance throughout the contracting process. Failing to tackle the mountain of paperwork accurately and in a timely manner can put your organization at risk. Leave the credentialing, compliance and in-depth background checks to an MSP, so you can mitigate your organization’s risk and increase the level of transparency.

Happy staff means a productive team

Vacancies not only impact patient care but without a strong pipeline to fill your openings quickly, your staff’s satisfaction will likely drop in response. On average, it takes 85 days to fill an open healthcare position, according to the American Organization of Nurse Executives. The cost of those 85 days adds up when you consider overtime, inefficiencies, employee burnout, and turnover.

You’d hate to see one of your star clinicians leave because they reached a tipping point that stemmed from a vacant position. The cost of a staffing shortage skyrockets when a quality team member jumps ship.

Consider working with an MSP to save time and money. Let the MSP deal with the operations of third-party contract labor so you can focus on more productive internal items. Want to know more about how PPR can fill your applicant pipeline with quality candidates? Drop us a line for more information. We’d love to work with you!