Tapping into your inner creative with your students.

Kids want interesting. They aren’t going to grasp the important points via a PowerPoint presentation that is unless it’s a superhero running the meeting. Abstract shapes and bright colors will keep their attention far longer than a grayscale line graph. School therapists know this and it’s why they tap into their inner creativity regularly to find the most effective ways to reach their students.


“One of the wonderful things about creativity is that it belongs to everyone, and we can find it almost everywhere,” said American Counseling Association President Thelma Duffey in a Counseling Today article.


Music, books, film, movement or a craft project can all inspire positive shifts in students. Creativity is more accessible now than ever before through blogs, YouTube videos, and professional Pinterest boards. As a contract therapist, you can let your imagination escape the “tried and true” and instead explore how creative elements can pave the way for more successful sessions.


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Paying it forward in a big, little way.

Think back to when you were young. There’s likely an adult who made a lasting impression that you still remember today. Maybe it was an English teacher who made you enjoy picking up a book or a coach who believed in your abilities when you doubted them. A school therapist can be that one person to many, because they help students realize their individual potential while giving them the tools to conquer a variety of challenges.


As a contract therapist, you have the golden opportunity to care for our country’s next generation and make a true difference. Contracts range from occupational therapy, psychological and counseling to speech therapy. While needs and teaching environments change, seeing your students flourish and grow to enjoy learning is a constant reward that will never grow old.


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Basics of Being a School Therapist

Do you remember the buzzing excitement of back-to-school? As a school contract therapist, you can enjoy that energy on repeat each year. The start of the school year means a different group of students to help and possibly a new school if you’re embarking on a new contract.


Every school is its own little world. And you can pick which little ecosystem you want to join when you choose the flexibility of being a contract therapist. Schools generally have needs for psychologists, speech-language pathologists, occupational therapists and physical therapists. It is important to know specific licensure and certification requirements as they vary by state and profession.


When you choose a contract therapist position, you can see the country, visit with family and friends you miss, vacation, and gain a lifetime of new experiences. Find out what school districts top the country’s best list and see what the current landscape looks like for you, today.


The Traveling Occupational Therapist

Your job matters to kids. And that matters to us. There are classrooms nationwide that are in need of an Occupational Therapist just like you. The life of a contract school therapist opens up travel opportunities from coast-to-coast! Did you know that you can get paid to travel the country while providing therapy to students in need?

Nationwide school therapy needs

School districts across the country are required to provide therapy students in their district. In order to fill these demands, they look for therapists just like you. These contracts can last anywhere from a semester to an entire school year. Due to the short nature of these contracts and the high demand nationwide, the opportunities for travel are endless.

Due to the short nature of these contracts and the high demand nationwide, the opportunities for travel are endless.

If you would like to learn more about the opportunity to travel while helping students nationwide, contact our compassionate team of recruiters. They will guide you through the process and help you find the adventure you are seeking.



First day of School Tips for School Therapists

Fall can be such an exhilarating time for students as they rush back to friends, favorite activities, and sports. However, it can also be full of nerves, fear and so much of the unknown. The same rings true for adults, too. For school therapists, you might be experiencing a new classroom for the first time, as well as, all of the things that go along with it. New colleagues, students, parents, and surroundings.  Starting the year off on the right foot can get ensure you see success the entire year through.

Mark your calendars

Every school has certain wide-impacting events such as standardized testing weeks that seem to send the entire building into an organized frenzy. Or perhaps it’s a school Christmas play that you wouldn’t want to schedule over. You want those dates on your calendar at the beginning of the year so there are fewer surprises as the months roll by.


Don’t skip Open House

You’d be hard-pressed for a better time and place to meet so many parents as on Back-to-School Night. Why not set up a display and hand out information to interested moms and dads? It’s a great time to share what types of services you provide and how they can get in touch with you. The truth is no one never knows what the future will bring, and if caregivers already have a connection with you as the school therapist, they may feel more comfortable calling you in the beginning should they need support.


Hopefully you feel refreshed after summer break and ready to make the school year rock. If exploring new places while having adventures of a lifetime are as important to you as helping students and making a difference in the world, then we’d love the chance to talk with you more. Give us a call today.