Using Affiliate Providers to Fill Executive Level Positions

Mar 16 - Contingent Staffing


Using Affiliate Providers to Fill Executive Level Positions

2017 is predicted to be the year of technology, life sciences and industrial sectors when it comes to executive level hiring according to executive search firm ON Partners. That’s a result of the continued economic recovery, digitalization and cyber-security concerns, according to the search firm.


Among the list of top executive jobs in life sciences and healthcare is chief strategy officer and director of virtual medicine, whose responsibility is applying technology to patient care.


When the shoe doesn’t fit

Making the selection for an executive level position is not for the faint of heart mostly because the impacts can have far reaching effects.


A survey of more than 6,000 hiring professionals worldwide conducted by CareerBuilder revealed that 27 percent of the U.S. employers surveyed said that just one poor hire cost their company more than $50,000.


However, the costs go beyond the dollar amount when factoring in negative impacts on employee morale and client contentment. If the erred position is of an executive level the ramifications can quickly balloon.


Increasing your bets  

On the contrary, making the right choice can be a game changer for an organization.


Leaders become great, not because of their power, but because of their ability to empower others.  – John Maxwell


Executive leaders are selected to be in it for the long haul in most cases. They set or maintain company culture and make subsequent organizational and hiring decisions that can have lasting positive change. Success breeds success, and when it comes to healthcare organizations, patient care relies on empowering leaders to pave the way.


With so much at stake with an open executive position, organizations often look for help in identifying the best and brightest talent in this increasingly competitive marketplace by utilizing affiliate providers.


People, process and technology working in tandem

It’s truly a matter of quality over quantity in navigating the applicant pool. PPR Vendor Solutions can source candidates from more than 200 affiliate providers who specialize in permanent and/or contract staffing within all settings. Having a robust network of vendors allows us to cast the widest net sourcing the right candidates as fast as possible.


The PPR team is committed to taking the time needed to screen candidates to the client set specifications. When needed, added marketing efforts both inside and outside the affiliate network are deployed to find quality rather than quantity. PPR believes that putting forth only the best candidates for client review ultimately results in a more positive experience and sound patient care.


Select the right partner who can put the best leaders at your organization’s helm. Contact us today and let us know what executive level positions you are or may be hiring for in the future.


How Contingent Staffing Can Help You Take Control of High Volumes

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How Contingent Staffing Can Help You Take Control of High Volumes

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, contingent workers account for about 26% of the workforce and are expected to grow 23% through 2020, which equates to about 631,000 jobs. Contingent workers can be defined as independent contractors, consultants, or other outsourced and non-permanent workers. For you or your organization they might also take the role of acronyms like RN, CNA or PA.

It’s clear that a contingent workforce is an increasingly critical component of an integrated workforce strategy – especially in healthcare. And the saying “we’re all in the same boat” rings true when it comes to hospitals and recruiting registered nurses, in particular. According to’s jobs database, RN is the profession with the single-most openings with an expected 1.1 million vacancies by 2024.

High volumes of vacant positions or unfilled shifts can be debilitating for an organization and especially the core staff who bear the burden of the extra workload. Ultimately, you run the risk of patient care suffering and things can turn sour quickly.

A contingent workforce program might be the answer to current high volume challenges. However, a self-managed program can quickly blossom with administrative tasks that take longer than forecasted with sometimes unexpected expenses.

That’s where a vendor solutions partner can step in so your organization can realize benefits including flexibility, cost savings and more efficient productivity. A vendor management partner means less time you spend on hiring, staffing and invoicing, thus freeing up more time for what’s most important – patient care.

There are countless reasons to press the stop button on the manual process and instead automate your contingent staffing program by contracting with a VMS:

-       Streamline the notification of vacancies

-       Choose from a broad pool of skilled and credentialed candidates

-       Control costs by lowering expenses and standardizing rates

-       Enjoy one point of contact dedicated to your unique needs

-       Leverage accurate, in-depth reporting to fuel better decision making


Interested in understanding the different vendor management options? Read our post on the difference between Managed Service Providers (MSP) and Vendor Management System (VMS).

Select the right partner who can help you take control of your high volumes. Contact us today, and before you sign on the dotted line with a provider, read these tips on picking a partner with proven success.


Picking a Vendor Manager with Proven Success

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Are you shopping for a vendor management company with a reputable track record you can trust? Find a VM with the expertise that you need to succeed!

When considering a new VM, start by educating yourself by dissecting each VM’s proven success. Ask potential VMs for proof of improved:

  • Start Management
  • Time to Fill
  • Candidate Sourcing
  • Candidate Quality
  • Premium Labor Spend
  • Total Amount of Open Positions
  • Process Improvement

Don’t waste your time on the wrong VM!  Pick a partner with credible success. If a VM has no evidence of what they can do to help you, they are not the partner you should choose.

Want to know more about what the right VM can do for you? Contract us today at for more information about our vendor manager solutions, customized for you!

PPR Talent Management Group Acquires 360 Healthcare Staffing

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JACKSONVILLE BEACH, Fla. (February 2, 2017) – Yesterday, PPR Talent Management Group announced the purchase of 360 Healthcare Staffing (“360 HCS”), combining two powerful brands and creating one of the top travel nurse companies that spans the continuum of care!

PPR will continue to provide travel nurses to hospitals and other acute care centers, while 360 HCS – operating as a separate business division – will continue to provide interim, temp-to-hire and executive search services within the post-acute care segments.

“This acquisition increases the size and reach of our combined organization, provides a solid foundation for future growth, and establishes our market dominance in both the acute care and post-acute care sectors,” said Paul Helm, CEO of PPR.

The combined organization will offer a wide variety of services and solutions to the healthcare industry, including acute and post-acute care travel nursing, vendor management, education and executive search.

Both organizations have cultures that place high value on customer service and a strong commitment to creating an excellent working environment. In 2016, PPR was named the #7 Best Place to Work in America and one of 35 companies in the world to be honored with the Gallup Great Workplace Award. PPR is recognized throughout the industry for a “We put you first” approach with nurses. This translates to service and quality excellence for PPR clients.

360 HCS is known throughout the industry for leadership within the nursing niche and attracting top talent in both nurses and healthcare executives who provide exceptional service to 360 HCS clients. Marc Antoni, President of 360 HCS, and his leadership team will continue in their current roles and the unit will maintain its divisional headquarters in Tampa. Holly Bass, President of PPR, and her leadership team will continue in their current roles and PPR corporate headquarters will remain in Jacksonville Beach.

“Both 360 HCS and PPR pride themselves on delivering industry-best service and taking care of the people who serve our clients. This enables us to attract and retain top talent and is why we have a strong presence in the acute and post-acute care segments,” said Helm.

About PPR

PPR was founded since 1996 as a healthcare staffing company focusing on contract travel nursing and therapy. The first office location was in the founder and former CEO Dwight Cooper’s home. The corporate headquarters is now on the boardwalk in Jacksonville Beach, FL. PPR operates in all 50 states.

Workplace culture is a huge priority for PPR. Representatives in every department pride themselves on creating a best-in-industry customer experience by creating a world-class culture, based on our core values – Trust, Excellence, Teamwork, Change and Service. We extend this cultural phenomenon to their healthcare professionals and clients, quickly building trust and enduring relationships with long-tenured relationships that are filled with a great balance of fun, friendship, adventure, commitment, and professionalism.

About 360 HCS

360 Healthcare Staffing is one of the leading travel nurse staffing companies in the post-acute market, primarily focused on leadership and nursing positions. 360 HCS provides interim and temp-to-perm staffing for a wide range of positions. In addition to staffing solutions, they provide executive search service to clients. Their mission is to provide flexible staffing options to both healthcare professionals and the companies they serve, while cultivating the highest standards of quality.

Want to hear more? Click here to learn more or check out the official video announcement below.


The Distinctive Difference: VMS vs MSP


Although distinctively different, Managed Service Providers (MSP) and Vendor Management System (VMS) function together to help hiring organizations, succeed.

So…want to know the difference? Let’s start with MSP!

A Managed Service Provider (MSP) is an outsourced agency that manages the temporary staffing needs of a hiring organization. Hospitals, for example, often use an MSP to solve the hiring headaches caused by the industry’s current nursing shortage. One way an MSP might handle a client hospital’s staffing needs is by onboarding travel nurses. Overall, AN MSP handles 100% of the client’s contingent staffing needs including:

  • Filling open positions
  • Boost candidate quality
  • Increase vendor visibility
  • Reduce premium labor spend
  • Solve inefficient process
  • Increase candidate submissions

So…what exactly is VMS?

A VMS is a reportable software tool that functions to support the MSP in collecting measurable data including the time and expense per vendor submission. This data collecting software promote vendor manager visibility on various matters for each client’s executive and management team to see. Furthermore, an MSP uses VMS software for:

  • Collecting candidate submissions
  • Candidate interview coordination
  • Job offers
  • Billing
  • Collecting candidate documentation

Let MSP and VMS help your organization achieve! Find out more about our MSP and VMS success at!