The Importance of a Recruiter-Travel Nurse Relationship – Part 2

We interviewed a few of our travel nurse recruiters to get their perspective on what makes a great recruiter/travel nurse relationship. Here is Jessica Gaskin’s take on the importance of a strong recruiter/nurse relationship.

What should a nurse look for in a recruiter?

“Reliability and speed. A nurse needs to feel like he or she is not just a number. A lot of nurses ask me how many nurses I am working with to make sure I am not too busy to take them on. I like to know how many agencies a nurse is working with. Nurses who are more responsive tend to be a better match for me.”

What qualities make the best recruiter?

“Passion for the job. You want a recruiter who is invested and happy in their job.”

What do you do to separate yourself from other recruiters?

“Managing expectations and exceeding them. I like to under-promise and over-deliver. My nurses and I have a mutual level of respect for each other. “

Here’s what a couple of Jessica’s nurses had to say:

“I LOVE working with Jessica! She has been so incredible with making sure that each place I travel fits me and my needs!  I have heard of a lot of travelers who have bad experiences with their recruiters because they place them where they are needed and not what they excited about going. Even when I have struggled in my assignment she has been behind me 100% and encourages me to keep going! To me I think what makes a great recruiter is someone who listens, encourages, supports and advocates for their travelers! I can honestly say that Jessica encompasses each trait! I am so thankful for her and I am excited to see where else she takes me!” -Jennifer Hovey


“Jess has been an amazing recruiter from the start of my journey.  She was helping me with my first travel assignment and knew how nervous I felt about starting this adventure.  Jessica was able to use her knowledge and experience to help me feel more comfortable about taking my first assignment.  She also knew that there was ONE place that I wanted to start my assignment.  This was in Kansas City, where I grew up and where my family still lives.  She knew this was important for me and did everything she could to get me an assignment there.  Unfortunately, there weren’t many jobs available in Kansas City.  Then one evening, (after hours), I get a text from Jess saying that she submitted me for this ER job in Kansas City.  I got an interview the next day and an offer on the spot.  She worked tirelessly to get me set up for this job and was ALWAYS available to answer my neurotic, first time traveler texts.  Jess is always available when I need her or if I just want to talk.  She has been amazing from the beginning and continues to be.

I think this is important when deciding on a recruiter to work with.  Communication and honesty is always the most important for me when it comes to a recruiter.  She is always open with me, whether it be about pay packages, hospitals, or the city in general.  She is always willing to add insight to each and every assignment/job.  She has so much knowledge about the field and that is helpful for me, especially as a new-ish traveler.  She is also willing to take a text to answer questions at all times, whether it be during office hours at her work number or texts on the weekends on her personal phone when you get calls for interviews.  Also, if she doesn’t know an answer, she will send emails to others in the PPR office to find answers.  She is also super proactive when she knows she is going to be gone from the office.  She ALWAYS sends emails or texts to inform her nurses that [insert another PPR recruiter] will be available to answer any and ALL questions while she is out of the office.  I think she is a fantastic recruiter and I always recommend her to every single person who expresses interest in traveling.  I cannot wait to continue working with Jessica and PPR!! “-Lauren Gilliland


Part 1: 3 Ways to Boost Candidate Quality

The single best way to ensure top patient care is to hire the right people into your organization. If you’ve found yourself in a hiring position then you know that it seems like a simple task in the beginning but can quickly spiral into an all-consuming, all hands type of mission. Having a high-quality pool of applicants to interview and choose from certainly eases the process because no one wants to be in the position of hiring just to fill an empty seat.

Consider these tips for taking the candidate quality level up a notch to hire your next rock star clinician.

Crystal-clear job description

Surprises aren’t fun when it comes to hiring. That’s why a clear job description detailing requirements such as education, experience, skills and attitudes necessary for someone to be successful will make the hiring (and onboarding) process go smoothly for both sides.

Follow up with references  
According to a Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) survey, more than eight out of ten human resource professionals said that they regularly conduct reference checks for professional job applicants. Spending the extra time to fully vet top applicants is well worth the investment long term.

Work with a dedicated partner

Considering the ebbs and flows of hiring, healthcare organizations will often contract with a Manager Service Provider (MSP) to alleviate the manual effort required to find and hire top talent. An MSP serves as an extension of your in-house HR team and has a wealth of industry experience that goes into creating that crystal-clear job description and then getting it in front of the right candidates through a vast network of partners. The credentialing, contracting and onboarding can also fall into an MSP’s court creating even greater opportunity for efficiencies and cost containment.

Want to know more about how a qualified MSP can fill your applicant pipeline with quality candidates and keep them onboard for the long term? Contact PPR today for more information.

The Importance of a Recruiter-Travel Nurse Relationship – Part 1

We interviewed a few of our travel nurse recruiters to get their perspective on what makes a great recruiter/travel nurse relationship. Here is Leah Fanti’s take on the importance of a strong recruiter/nurse relationship.

What should a nurse look for in a recruiter?

“Honesty and transparency about the market, especially if you are a new nurse. You can’t just try to compare pay packages because it is comparing apples to apples. PPR guarantees stipend if you are sick or out and we have amazing insurance.”

What qualities make the best recruiter?

“Being approachable and readily available. A great recruiter should be willing and able to adjust their schedule to meet the needs of their nurses. All my nurses have my cell phone number and know they can contact me anytime.”

What do you do to separate yourself from other recruiters?

“I get to know my nurses on a personal level. I once spent 5 hours on the phone with one of my nurses talking about the dogs she has rescued. I want to make them feel comfortable.”

Here’s what a couple of of Leah’s nurses had to say:

”Leah has been a Godsend to me.  She is always there when I need to address a question, concern, complaint, or just to say hello. She never rushes me through the conversation or cuts [things] short, no matter how busy I am sure she is.  I feel like Leah always has my best interest at heart.  I have since had 2 other nurses sign on with her, and they feel the same. I could go on and on, basically I live Leah and I am thankful to have her!!! “ – Danna Mechling


“Leah has been wonderful! She is always on top of things. She listens to me when I talk. She is friendly and kind. She worked really hard to get me a contract when I was running out of time. She puts her clients first. She always makes herself available at any time, and she always makes sure to take care of things, and in a timely fashion. She is very resourceful, and it is obviously that she genuinely cares about her nurses.

What’s more, Leah is also personal while still maintaining her professionalism. She’s super sweet. She will call or text just to say hi, to check in and see how everything is going, to send well wishes on holidays, and it’s always a joy to talk with her.

I just realized something also…when my previous recruiter would call, I would see his name come up in my caller ID. I would generally let it go to voicemail because I didn’t really like getting on the phone with him. I’d listen to the voicemail and if it was something I needed to address I would call him back. Otherwise I would just be content to shoot him a text and leave it with that.

When Leah calls I don’t feel any of that. I enjoy speaking with her on the phone! She’s just so pleasant and she maintains a good balance of business and personal kindness in our conversations.

I have enjoyed my experience as a traveling nurse, but I have enjoyed it so much more since working with PPR and Leah Fanti! I feel blessed that things didn’t work out with my first recruiter because I think Leah, as well as PPR, is a much better fit for me. I truly believe everything happens for a reason. I’m so grateful for you guys there, and you have a true gem in Leah!” -Nicole Asashon

Perks of Being a School-Based Speech Language Pathologist

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Whoever said school wasn’t cool, obviously wasn’t a school-based Speech Language Pathologist!

If you are considering making the transition from a clinical setting to a school-based therapy position, it’s important to know your options. There are so many perks of being a school-based Speech Language Pathologist, including:

  • Consistent work environment
  • Set schedule that promotes healthful work-life balance
  • Consistent caseloads with consistent responsibilities
  • Patient success can be more personally rewarding
  • Close by clinical support
  • Click here to read more great perks of being an SLP

And…the benefits don’t end there, but before we go any further, take a minute and ask yourself, “Why did I become an SLP?”

Did you become an SLP to help people unable to communicate? Was it to work with kids? Or maybe, to simply empower people who are speech and language impaired? Whatever your reason, you can achieve it by working in a school close to you. By helping children communicate, you can help them not only succeed, but also empower them to reach their dreams.

Who said you needed to wear scrubs to change a life? Visit to browse opportunities nationwide.

Second semester wave: Top school districts that are hiring

Did you know that school therapists can start a new contract mid-school year? These are the top school districts in the country for speech language pathologists, psychologists, occupational therapists and physical therapists.

  1. Seattle Public Schools in Washington
  2. Simi Valley Unified in California
  3. Hartford Public Schools in Connecticut
  4. Cherokee County Schools in Georgia

Seattle Public Schools in Washington

The largest public school district in Washington, Seattle Public Schools serves the entire city of Seattle with 99 schools and close to 55,000 students. About 24% of those students are from non-English speaking backgrounds. Seattle’s idea of fun is about as diverse as its population. If nature is your jam, take a Salmon Bay Walking Tour where the city meets the Sound. Interested in innovation? Visit the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Visitor Center for an interactive journey showing how innovations and inventions are helping to create a brighter future for our world. If you just love the thought of the Pacific Northwest, there’s a plethora of opportunities in the surrounding school districts as well.

Simi Valley Unified School District in California

Located just outside Los Angeles, the Simi Valley Unified School District is Ventura County’s second largest school district with 28 schools. If you’re on the search for amazing weather to enjoy a wide range of outdoor activities then Simi Valley is calling your name. Explore the world’s parks through their gardens at Gardens of the World or see Ronald Reagan’s Air Force One up close at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library and Museum.

Hartford Public Schools in Connecticut

This Northeast district is one of the oldest metro areas in the U.S. and ranked 31 in U.S. News Best Places to Live. Hartford’s must see list includes The Mark Twain House and Museum and on its oddity list you’ll find the Museum of Natural and Other Curiosities tucked away in the top floor of the State House. The city is also a hop, skip and jump from two of our country’s best cities – Boston and New York City – with something to fit all fancies.

Cherokee County Schools in Georgia

Just outside of Atlanta, the Cherokee County Schools make for an amazing southeast location with 41 schools serving more than 42,000 students. Visit the Tanglewood Farm, a 10-acre Wild West Town with rare and miniature farm animals right in the heart of Cherokee County. Take a drive to Atlanta and check out the World of Coca-ColaCNN CenterCentennial Olympic Park or Georgia Aquarium just to list a few.

Do you know where 2018 will take you? Click here for the latest opportunities at these top-notch school districts.