Find and Retain Your Superstar Clinicians with an MSP

Contracting with contingent workers can be a complex process. A noteworthy benefit of partnering with an MSP is the time savings and headache avoidance throughout the contracting process. Failing to tackle the mountain of paperwork accurately and in a timely manner can put your organization at risk. Leave the credentialing, compliance and in-depth background checks to an MSP, so you can mitigate your organization’s risk and increase the level of transparency.

Happy staff means a productive team

Vacancies not only impact patient care but without a strong pipeline to fill your openings quickly, your staff’s satisfaction will likely drop in response. On average, it takes 85 days to fill an open healthcare position, according to the American Organization of Nurse Executives. The cost of those 85 days adds up when you consider overtime, inefficiencies, employee burnout, and turnover.

You’d hate to see one of your star clinicians leave because they reached a tipping point that stemmed from a vacant position. The cost of a staffing shortage skyrockets when a quality team member jumps ship.

Consider working with an MSP to save time and money. Let the MSP deal with the operations of third-party contract labor so you can focus on more productive internal items. Want to know more about how PPR can fill your applicant pipeline with quality candidates? Drop us a line for more information. We’d love to work with you!

How an MSP Solution can Help You Find Quality Clinicians

The healthcare landscape is constantly evolving, and a successful staffing strategy is the gear that keeps your facility in motion.  A Managed Service Provider (MSP) ensures that your staffing approach continues to hum along in the most efficient and thoughtful manner resulting in patient satisfaction that meets and hopefully exceeds expectations.


A partner for your HR department  

How do they do it? An MSP oversees finding the right people to fill your openings with the overarching goal of retaining those star clinicians you want to stay onboard for the long term. By working as an extension of your HR department, an MSP draws on in-depth industry knowledge to create the right job description that weeds out the unqualified and adeptly manages considering candidates’ expectations.


Once the posting is up and the resumes start to pour in, the labor of love falls to the MSP to comb through and deliver only the best applicants for your thoughtful review. They also consider whether a candidate is a nice fit with your organization’s culture which can dramatically reduce turnover rates.


Consider working with an MSP to save time and money. Let the MSP deal with the operations of third-party contract labor so you can focus on more productive internal items. Want to know more about how PPR can fill your applicant pipeline with quality candidates? Drop us a line for more information. We’d love to work with you!

An MSP Solution’s Insight on Workplace Culture

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Workplace hiring needs are diverse and constantly changing. An MSP is able to help you meet your contract labor needs every time in the acute and post-acute healthcare space. One area of contract labor that is far too important but often forgotten is workplace culture. 


“Workplace culture is the heartbeat of an organization, and either yields energy and motivates people to pursue greatness or sucks the inspiration out of employees and slowly brings a business to a grinding halt,” said Kevin Phillips, author of Employee Leaps.

An MSP can provide an outsider viewpoint to your specific organization’s idiosyncrasies while leveraging an insider knowledge base and wealth of experience. They can see opportunities from a 10,000-foot level that you might be missing from the trenches. With a centralized hiring process and extensive pools of candidates, an MSP will make recommendations based on qualifications and culture fit. Thus, a handpicked team can set the stage for incremental culture shifts that can compound for years to come.

Bottom Line

Your workforce is fluid, and an MSP can be the engine that affords your organization the agility it needs to be successful in the changing healthcare climate. MSPs save time and resources through efficient sourcing, business intelligence, and labor cost stabilization – all with your bottom line in constant focus. In addition, MSPs should have vendor insurance policies and procedures that can eliminate exposure for client health care organizations. It’s important to partner with an expert team who provides custom solutions and are willing to fill orders on your terms.

We welcome the opportunity to make your business our priority. Contact us today and learn how our MSP services remain unmatched.

An MSP Knows What Keeps You Up at Night…and Can Help.

With towering “To Do” lists reaching new heights, it can be a challenge to differentiate between the true priorities and those irksome tasks that pop up at inopportune moments. Sometimes it can feel like we’ve made one step up to take two steps down.

If this is the course you’re up against, then it might be time to hire an MSP provider as your guide. That’s because a qualified Managed Service Provider can play a fundamental role in identifying the actual priorities and creating an action plan to meet your company’s broader organizational goals, which often define success on a larger scale.

Did you know that an MSP can have welcomed effects on key areas – you know the ones that may or may not keep you up at night?

If you are ready to discuss how a Managed Service Provider can address your needs, we are here for you.

Using Affiliate Providers to Fill Executive Level Positions

Mar 16 - Contingent Staffing


Using Affiliate Providers to Fill Executive Level Positions

2017 is predicted to be the year of technology, life sciences and industrial sectors when it comes to executive level hiring according to executive search firm ON Partners. That’s a result of the continued economic recovery, digitalization and cyber-security concerns, according to the search firm.


Among the list of top executive jobs in life sciences and healthcare is chief strategy officer and director of virtual medicine, whose responsibility is applying technology to patient care.


When the shoe doesn’t fit

Making the selection for an executive level position is not for the faint of heart mostly because the impacts can have far reaching effects.


A survey of more than 6,000 hiring professionals worldwide conducted by CareerBuilder revealed that 27 percent of the U.S. employers surveyed said that just one poor hire cost their company more than $50,000.


However, the costs go beyond the dollar amount when factoring in negative impacts on employee morale and client contentment. If the erred position is of an executive level the ramifications can quickly balloon.


Increasing your bets  

On the contrary, making the right choice can be a game changer for an organization.


Leaders become great, not because of their power, but because of their ability to empower others.  – John Maxwell


Executive leaders are selected to be in it for the long haul in most cases. They set or maintain company culture and make subsequent organizational and hiring decisions that can have lasting positive change. Success breeds success, and when it comes to healthcare organizations, patient care relies on empowering leaders to pave the way.


With so much at stake with an open executive position, organizations often look for help in identifying the best and brightest talent in this increasingly competitive marketplace by utilizing affiliate providers.


People, process and technology working in tandem

It’s truly a matter of quality over quantity in navigating the applicant pool. PPR Vendor Solutions can source candidates from more than 200 affiliate providers who specialize in permanent and/or contract staffing within all settings. Having a robust network of vendors allows us to cast the widest net sourcing the right candidates as fast as possible.


The PPR team is committed to taking the time needed to screen candidates to the client set specifications. When needed, added marketing efforts both inside and outside the affiliate network are deployed to find quality rather than quantity. PPR believes that putting forth only the best candidates for client review ultimately results in a more positive experience and sound patient care.


Select the right partner who can put the best leaders at your organization’s helm. Contact us today and let us know what executive level positions you are or may be hiring for in the future.