Confident in your Credentialing?

“I need who by when”! Sound familiar?

When there are holes in the schedule and the need arises to use contract staff; you need to kick into high gear. How do you know you are receiving the right candidate with the right credentials?

Between reviewing resumes, interviewing, on-boarding etc…the importance of the Quality Management requirements and needed documentation when using contractors in the healthcare setting can, at times, be overlooked. This can lead to risk and exposure for the facility and be devastating, with severe downstream consequences.

Credentialing is critical!

The actual gathering of essential documentation and managing the expiration of these documents is exhausting, but necessary. Unfortunately, credentialing can be lost in the shuffle of the daily routine when using contract staff.

Do you have a process in place to safeguard your facility when using contractors? Do you have a Vendor Management Company as stringent regarding these issues as it should be? Are they transparent with the process?

These are questions you definitely should ask yourself. You and your organization should rest more easily when your Vendor Management Company excels in the not so glamorous world of Quality Management and documentation.

Don’t Feel Exposed? Let us help!

Along with a streamlined process that saves you time and money, PPR has the expertise to manage your exposure and liabilities providing transparency with its workforce solutions.

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