Contract Staff in Schools…Yikes!

The use of contract employees in school districts is perceived to be an unpopular choice. They are viewed as expensive, short-term employees who will generally work only their contract hours. District administrators are also concerned that they may not have the same influence over contract employees as they have over their own employees.


Not always the case….There are good reasons for looking at using contracting agencies to find professionals needed to provide quality services to students. Agencies are more efficient and effective in recruiting those professionals who are in high demand and very difficult to find. Also, there are times when a contract employee can fill a temporary gap in service or provide coverage for unexpected absences. A contract employee may be the answer when enrollments increase or eligibility requirements change.

A “best practice” for obtaining temporary, contract staff is to investigate the use of a vendor management system. Vendor management is an efficient, time-saving way to fill those gaps in service while not having to go through multiple applications from multiple vendors.

How it Works??? Schools let the vendor manager know what jobs are needed and the vendor manager sources the candidates, screens them for appropriate fit, and presents only those candidates that meet the qualifications set by the district. Administrators only need take the time to interview professionals that have the skills needed by the schools—not wade through application after application of people who do fit the position or the culture of the school.

As the final result, the district saves time (and consequently money) and provides the needed services to students.

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