Culture Happens

One of the hot topics in healthcare today is creating a positive work culture. At a recent nursing conference, Linda Aiken, a leading nurse researcher, told the audience that without a positive environment nothing else really matters. Data demonstrate that patient outcomes, patient and family satisfaction and employee engagement all decline in an unhealthy workplace. Other bad things like burnout and high attrition also occurs.

The first question that comes to mind is…if culture is sooooo important, why don’t all healthcare facilities have a great culture?

Culture Happens….whether you like it or not culture happens. What are you doing to help build a healthy culture? Answer; there has to be a strong commitment by all levels of personnel to actively work on creating, supporting and maintaining a great culture.

The Nursing Organizations Alliance (2004) believes that a healthful practice/work environment is supported by several elements. The two of which are:

1.)   Adequate numbers of qualified staff

2.)   Credible visible leadership.

As Recruiting people our responsibility is to hire the right people. Or as Jim Collins references in his book, Good to Great, (and I paraphrase), you need to hire the right people and make sure they are in the right seat in the organization. When it comes to culture, the follow up question is, “Who’s driving the bus?”

Everyone has a story how culture has impacted their work experience….do share!

Culture Happens; let us know if we can help!