Does Your Recruitment Need a Shot of B12?

Having worked with clients in both hospitals and long-term care, we find that outside critical issues, organizations seem to get bogged down in non-recruitment processes rather than on results-focused activities.


Common Causes for a Sluggish Recruitment Effort

  • Wearing too many hats rather than just the recruitment one.
  • Performing too many administrative tasks such as setting up background checks, ordering drug screens, and checking licensure.
  • Making two or more calls to obtain references for potential hires—getting references, by the way, is getting hard and hard as companies are less willing to release employment data.
  • Processing applications of job seekers.

Boost your recruiting efforts by focusing on what matters most – Results!

  • Monitor fixed turnover costs: sign-on bonuses, training time by trainers, training materials
  • Reduce premium labor costs: turnover can increase overtime, per diem shifts, or traveler usage
  • Track recruiting time: make a list of hours spent by everyone that is involved in the recruiting process (screening, interviewing, due diligence, on-boarding, training,) placing dollars in those hours.
  • Calculate cost per hire: determine your total current cost per hire compared to potential investments.
  • Analyze data collected on a routine basis.

So how do you incorporate these measures into you recruitment processes?. Look at what you are doing now and ask the pertinent question. Does your recruitment need a shot of B12?

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