Finding the Right Staffing Company for You!

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Don’t contract for the wrong staffing company. Instead, start the New Year off right!

Use the tips below as a guide to make sure working with a staffing company that can help you achieve your school therapy dreams, come 2017!

  1. Look for a staffing company with recruiters who understand the unique issues of school systems in order to adequately provide healthcare services and meeting the special needs of students.
  2. Your recruiter should be reliable and customer-service oriented. It is important for your own success as a contractor to find a recruiter who you can easily contact and communicate issues too.
  3. Whether you are an SLP, OT, PT or School Psychologist, make sure you are working with a company who is able to cater to you, no matter what type of therapy professional you are.
  4. Check that the staffing company you are considering working for is Joint Commission Certified. This ensures you are dealing with a reputable company with proven track record for handling school contract therapy professionals.

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