Hunters Not Gatherers


So many questions, so little time.  Here is good one for you – do your recruiters make cold calls or rely on technology to do the recruiting for them?   At its core, recruiting is all about people and relationships – technology cannot supplant this.  Technology CAN however, make a good recruiter great and a great recruiter a rock star.

If you are looking to enhance your recruitment capability, your first step should be to find an aggressive recruiter.  Someone that is not afraid to be on the phone.  Aggressive recruiters are proactively finding passive candidates and building pipelines–they are not reactive and just waiting for candidates to come to them.  Aggressive recruiters LOVE to cold call and turn over stones to find the right professionals.  We call it, Good Old Fashioned, Roll Up Your Sleeves Recruiting!!

Recently, while giving a presentation at a healthcare recruiting conference, one of our Senior Executives posed a question to an audience filled with HR and Recruitment professionals. How many of you make 200 cold calls per week to find candidates?  No hands were raised.

100 calls?  Nada.

50 calls? Zippo.

40 calls?  Blank Stares.

30…20…15? Crickets.

It wasn’t until he got to 10 calls per week that a hand was raised (and only one hand went up).

Cold calling is a lost art but essential for success in recruitment.  Why don’t recruiters cold call you ask?  Simply – to busy doing other stuff.  Cold calling is typically the first thing that gets pushed off the plate during a busy day. Consequently, we look to technology to help us.

We firmly believe that technology is a tool, not a solution.  Technology can also be expensive – organizations can easily spend $225,000+ per year on technology.

Make your investment in a great recruiter first, and then look to technology to turn your great recruiter into a rock star.  If you would like to discuss this, or any other topics (what is the right technology, for instance?), please do not hesitate to contact us.

At PPR, we hire recruiters who recruit, ask us how we can help.