Retention Rules!

Attention! Attention! “Reducing turnover can increase patient satisfaction and positively impact clinical outcomes.”   Who doesn’t know this…right? But the question remains, What can we do about it?”

A study (Neuhauser, 2011) from Western Carolina University documented the correlation between patient satisfaction and positive clinical outcomes with staff satisfaction and staff retention.


When organizations frequently lose employees, they often struggle with patient satisfaction scores. By definition, in the beginning a new employee is less productive and less efficient.  The time spent orienting new employees means less time spent with patients, and equally as important, TURNOVER IS EXPENSIVE!  Depending on the level of the employee, the direct cost of turning over an employee can range between 30% and 200% of their salary.

The solution – find “A” players, ones that meet your skills and experience requirements but most importantly fit the culture and values of your organization. Simple, right? Not really or there wouldn’t be any turnover. Reducing turnover will have a positive impact on clinical outcomes and equally important, decrease spend to deliver quality care!

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