Ring in the New Year Right!

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Ring in the New Year right by finding a reliable vendor manager who can help you achieve in meeting your unique staffing needs…no matter what they are!

Premium labor spend, poor candidate quality, inefficient process, slow start management, open positions, low candidate count—work with a vendor manager to conquer it all! Here are tips to help you choose the best vendor manager for you.

The Perfect Fit

You want to find a  vendor management company whose culture fits your companies. Looking on each potential vendor management company’s website is a great place to start! If you still have questions, don’t be afraid to give them a call. When picking the right partner, knowledge is power. The only way to find “the perfect fit” is by seeking out what each option has to offer.

Trust and Reliability

No relationship works without trust and reliability. If you aren’t able to trust your current vendor manager, it’s time to consider throwing in the towel and moving on.

Checking Success

If a vendor management company has had no history of success, it’s best to look elsewhere. By trusting a vendor manager with a poor track record, you’re risking wasting more dollars and precious time. Make sure you do thorough interviews  and don’t be afraid to ask questions that question their track record.

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PPR Vendor Solutions Client Testimonial

“We work with PPR on a number of their Vendor Management relationships and enjoy a strong relationship with PPR.”  — PPR Affiliate Provider since 2010