Stop the Insanity—SNF Turnover Part I

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According to statistics from the American Health Care Association (ACHA), the largest organization composed of long term and post-acute providers, reports that favorable staffing improves quality care. ACHA cited a study that found quality of care is associated when turnover is less than 30% for RNs and less than 40% among CNAs.

In 2012, the median turnover for all employees in skilled nursing care centers was almost 44% and for direct care staff (nurses and CNAs) the turnover rate was 50%.

Okay, there are the numbers. So why should we care?

Turnover is wasteful in so many ways. It costs money and, very importantly, impacts the quality of care residents in LTC receive. Retention of skilled employees becomes an important factor in reducing turnover.

Research validates when staff satisfaction is high, retention is correspondingly high.

The question then becomes, how do you reduce turnover and increase retention? One way to increase retention and decrease turnover is to hire the right employees. We can help.

Stayed tuned for Part II. How Best to Hire the Right Employees.