True Costs of Turnover…What Are They?

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Everyone knows that employee turnover carries with it accompanying costs–time, money, inconvenience, lost experience, and more. The Society for Human Resource Management says the cost of turnover is between 50% – 200% of an employee’s salary. Some scales push the upper range to over 400% of salary if it involves a positions that requires special skills.

What are the direct costs—those that a dollar value can be attached to them? These include:

  • Exit costs
  • Vacation and sick time payout
  • Overtime costs for payment to cover unfilled positions
  • Lost opportunity costs due to unfilled positions
  • Marketing costs to advertise open positions
  • Due diligence for a new employee—drug screen, background check, etc.
  • Orientation costs.

Indirect costs may be more difficult to quantify than direct costs but just as important, just  a bit “squishier” (if there is such a term). Typically, these costs center around the time it takes to exit one person and bring on a replacement. These include:

  • Exit interview time
  • Screening time weeding through applicants
  • Interview time for HE and Department leaders
  • Reduction in time managers are actually managing
  • Coordinating due diligence activities
  • Orientation and training time
  • Potential loss of morale of current employees its effect on job performance.

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