Turnover—the Vampire Plaguing LTC


Everyone agrees that turnover is something that drains the lifeblood from an organization. It not only causes issues with providing care for patients/residents, but it continuously bleeds (please forgive the pun here) resources—time, money, and energy.

It is a particular problem in long term care organizations. The American Healthcare Association found that the turnover of CNAs, on average in LTC, is 48% per year. There is also a turnover problem with staff nurses, therapists, and administrative staff.

An important exercise for any LTC organization to do is examine what factors are causing the turnover they are experiencing. One important reason for turnover is that the “right” people were not hired in the first place. They didn’t “fit” organization culture, didn’t have the necessary technical skills, and just weren’t team players.

There are measures an organization can take to stop the bleeding (again, pardon the pun). These include showing star employees they are appreciated, using up-to-date sourcing methods, and using technology as a tool—not a solution.

If your organization is on a first-name basis with a character out of True Blood and are experiencing significant turnover, contact us at www.pprts.com. We have some great suggestions that might just provide you a needed transfusion.