VM…Not Just for Contract Staffing Anymore

Is your Vendor Management Company still just providing you contract staffing?  Many VM programs are now able to make permanent placement hires. Bazinga!!!


Why is this new? In the past when hospitals had difficulty in filling their permanent openings, they reached out to the many permanent hire staffing agencies to fill these orders (even if they already had a VM in place).

No big deal right? Wrong. To fill permanent placement orders with additional agencies  meant the hospital had to deal with more agencies, overwhelming amounts of communication and constant contract negotiations while still having to weed through unqualified candidates.

So how does VM help with permanent hires? It is all in the strength of the VM company. Some have the ability to hire permanent hires internally while others can successfully mange permanent agencies in their network. In addition, rates are set, quality is maintained, and time-to-fill is greatly reduced.

What does this mean for the hospital? Time and money. Plus you have a partner who knows how to hire candidates that fit the hospital’s culture. Now, the hospital can focus on internal priorities and quality patient care.

Let PPR Vendor Solutions make a BIG BANG in your hospital. Ask us how our FREE Vendor Management solution can help you fill your permanent orders today.