An MSP Solution’s Insight on Workplace Culture

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Workplace hiring needs are diverse and constantly changing. An MSP is able to help you meet your contract labor needs every time in the acute and post-acute healthcare space. One area of contract labor that is far too important but often forgotten is workplace culture. 


“Workplace culture is the heartbeat of an organization, and either yields energy and motivates people to pursue greatness or sucks the inspiration out of employees and slowly brings a business to a grinding halt,” said Kevin Phillips, author of Employee Leaps.

An MSP can provide an outsider viewpoint to your specific organization’s idiosyncrasies while leveraging an insider knowledge base and wealth of experience. They can see opportunities from a 10,000-foot level that you might be missing from the trenches. With a centralized hiring process and extensive pools of candidates, an MSP will make recommendations based on qualifications and culture fit. Thus, a handpicked team can set the stage for incremental culture shifts that can compound for years to come.

Bottom Line

Your workforce is fluid, and an MSP can be the engine that affords your organization the agility it needs to be successful in the changing healthcare climate. MSPs save time and resources through efficient sourcing, business intelligence, and labor cost stabilization – all with your bottom line in constant focus. In addition, MSPs should have vendor insurance policies and procedures that can eliminate exposure for client health care organizations. It’s important to partner with an expert team who provides custom solutions and are willing to fill orders on your terms.

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