HRO Today’s Baker’s Dozen List Names Us (or PPR) as the #2 RPO Provider!


Last week, we received the most amazing recognition from HRO Today! In their annual Baker’s Dozen Recruit Process Outsourcing (RPO) rankings, we were ranked #2 within the Healthcare Leaders category, and #2 within the Midsize Deals category!

With such outstanding rankings and recognition, Sarah Palmer, Vice President of Marketing at PPR Talent Solutions, sat down with Senior Vice President Joe Marino to get the inside scoop as to what makes our service so different that we were ranked as the #2 best RPO provider in our relevant categories.

Here’s what Joe had to say:

RPO (1)

Sarah Palmer: Use three words to describe PPR Talent Solutions.

Joe Marino: Transparent, caring, accountable.

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Sarah: How is PPR Talent Solutions different than other RPO providers?

Joe: It is our culture, for sure! At PPR Talent Solutions, we spend time every day in our culture. This translates directly to our partners. When we provide them with RPO services, we take the time to truly understand their culture which results in long term hires for them.

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SarahOkay. So, let’s pretend I know nothing about recruiting. Can you tell me what an RPO provider actually does?

Joe: Great question, Sarah. Our RPO program includes taking over responsibility for recruiting permanent employees for our partners. This could be one recruiter responsible for a subset of open requisitions, or it could be 15+ recruiters taking over all open requisitions for an organization. It really is a “soup to nuts” approach, including: Sourcing candidates, marketing to active and passive candidates, screening candidates, presenting to hiring managers, scheduling interviews, conducting references, extending and negotiating offers, and conducting post-offer new hire due diligence (such as background checks, drug testing, and applicable certification/license review).

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SarahWhat size customer most benefits from RPO solutions?

Joe: Organizations that have over 5,000 employees or who make more than 750 hires per year. We are flexible in our model, especially when an organization truly wants to partner with us.

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SarahWhat would your customers say about PPR Talent Solutions?

Joe: I love this question, Sarah.Since we ask all of our customers this question each quarter, I can share with you some recent feedback we have received. In the last set of quarterly business reviews that we conducted, we hear things like “PPR is the expert in recruiting. We enjoy working with everyone on the PPR team. We want PPR to take over all of our recruiting!”

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Sarah: Wow! That’s amazing customer feedback. But, what would your employees say about working for PPR Talent Solutions?

Joe: They would say that PPR truly cares about them and values their input. We often hear our team members say that this place is like no other place they have worked and that they love working here.

RPO (7)

SarahThat’s so cool to have such an engaged group of employees, and I’m sure it benefits your clients tremendously.

Joe: It does! Our retention rates are stellar – which ensures our clients will have the same recruiters or account managers on their accounts for years. This knowledge and partnership is a tremendous value.

RPO (8)

SarahHow do you plan to stay relevant and exceed client expectations?

Joe: Just as we focus on our culture, we also focus on our partnerships and future partnerships. Our formal quarterly business review approach allows us to hear from the leaders at our partners and uncover what they are focusing on strategically. We also continue to grow our team members but we also are bringing on experienced RPO leaders to the organization. We enjoy challenging the status quo and some productive disruption!

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Sarah: Okay. Last question! What does the future hold for PPR Talent Solutions?

Joe: Our future is one full of sunglasses, for sure. It is bright on many fronts. We plan to expand our service offerings to accompany our current services. And, we are even looking to have more regionally based team members. Plus, keep an eye out for us in the next few months because there are exciting changes happening to our brand!

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If you have any questions for Joe or any of our team members, about what PPR Talent Solutions can offer your business, contact us today! Joe can be reached at