We Went to the AONE Happenin’ And Guess What We Heard…!

The AONE conference in Orlando was awesome! Lots of nurses and great educational sessions. But, the best thing was to hear all the discussions about what is going on in the nurse leader world.

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So…what did we hear?

  • Hospitals and healthcare systems are adding new units, facilities, and care options—so they need more of every kind of nurse leader—mid-level, director, CNO.
  • There is a critical need for experienced nurses—especially in many of the specialty areas such as ICU, OR, L&D, ER, CVICU.
  • The Nursing Crunch is beginning to return as more and more of the “seasoned” nurses are retiring.
  • Finding nurses who “fit” the organization’s culture has become more and more important and more and more difficult to do.

The common issue with all these concerns is that finding the right nurse for the right job has become difficult. And, it doesn’t seem to be getting any easier.

Some nurse leaders said that they feel that on some occasions they are “held hostage” to make the best of bad choices. With increased demands for improved patient satisfaction, decreased patient wait times, and better nurse-patient interactions, recruitment and retention of quality staff is crucial for success in today’s healthcare environment.

If this is what you are hearing, let us know. If you have a different view of what’s happening, let us know that as well.

We love feedback!