6 Ways SLPs Treat Language Disorders



WAYS SLPs Treat Language Disorders

Whether acquired or developed, language disorders are treatable in children under the care of a qualified School speech-language pathologist (SLP). In fact, 70 percent of preschoolers showed improvement after seeking treatment in speech therapy.

Types of Language Disorders 

SLPs use speech therapy to empower children with all types of language disorders.The three types of language disorders:

  • Developmental expressive language disorder
  • Receptive language disorder
  • Pragmatic language disorder

Ways SLPs Treat Language Disorders

Techniques and strategies used by SLPs to treat children with language issues include:

  1. Discrete trials
  2. Expansion and extension exercises
  3. Joint routines
  4. One-on-one reading sessions
  5. Narrative skills training
  6. Improved literacy education

From social isolation to a life of dependency, language disorders can have destructive effects on children if left untreated in children. SLPs offer treatment for all varieties of language disorder symptoms. For more information, visit  www.ppredu.com.

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