A Tale of Two Cities…..

Charles Dickens


Where to go, oh where to go? If I had a dollar for every time I’ve heard that question… well, I wouldn’t have that much money, maybe like ten bucks.

Seriously though, it’s a question that doesn’t get asked as many times as it should. Searching for a contract opportunity is about more than just finding the right position, it’s also about finding the right location. One of the great things about a contract opportunity is exploring a new part of the country, meeting new people, and experiencing the sights/sounds of a new city.

I want to focus today on two cities with big differences and even bigger similarities, Seattle and San Antonio. One is in the Pacific Northwest, the other in Central Texas. One is home to the Super Bowl bound Seahawks (so they hope), one is home to the four time NBA Champion Spurs. One is known for persistent rainfall, one is known for never ending sunshine. I’m sure there are a million other things that make these two cities different, but what makes these two cities similar is the breadth of school contract opportunities every year.

When looking for a contract opportunity an important question to ask is “What happens when this contract is over?” Depending on where you’re located the answer will vary, but finding a location where there’s perpetual openings is a great way to, not only explore a new locale, but also to be secure, knowing that there will be opportunities year in and year out. And, who wouldn’t want to visit two young, vibrant, and growing cities; walk the famous streets of the Alamo by the river or dine at the top of the Space Needle, that sound fun!

Richard Gropper – PPR Education Services Recruiter