Anxious About Your 1st Day?

Nov_7 - Anxious

Fretting your first day? Most nurses feel the same way. It’s normal to be excited and anxious over the unknown that awaits. You’re probably feeling similar to how you felt on the first day of school.  Just remember, everyone is rooting for you!

Be yourself, relax and take it easy the first few days. It’s going to take a couple weeks to get acclimated and that’s totally expected. Show up ready to help, wearing a grin and carry yourself with confidence as you walk in.

Most hospitals will be ecstatic to see your face come day one. After all, you are their relief, and they are so thankful. Just remember you are in their home and not your own. Stay open minded and be flexible to do whatever it takes to meet the facility’s unique needs.

If you are worried about something or simply unsure, don’t be afraid to ask questions or reach out to your recruiter for relief. Asking questions is the only way to learn. And as you travel, there will always be something different that you did not know. However, the experience of the unknown will only help you grow.

If you have questions about an upcoming assignment, reach out to your recruiter. They will be happy to help answer any questions to relieve your fears about your first day. To find out more, visit

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