Are You What Schools Are Looking For?

Looking for a contract position in a school system and want to increase your chances of getting that perfect job? Great! We can help!

School systems give preference to healthcare professionals that are able to meet the needs of their students and can seamlessly integrate with existing staff.

The most important factor that school districts look for when considering a candidate is recent school experience. In addition, experience within the state in which the system is located is a big bonus because regulations differ from state to state. So, if you have recent school work experience make sure you highlight that on your resume.

Another important factor that impresses a school system is the quality and quantity of references that accompany your resume. I know, I know…we don’t always like to give references before a job is offered, but would you hire someone without seeing a reference? Your answer is probably no, so don’t be afraid. You don’t always have to give your most current employer and professional references can really set you apart from the next candidate that is submitted.

Want to shine like a rock star? I thought so. Well, then let a video interview help you to do that. When a video interview is sent as part of the selection process it gives you a huge advantage. When the manager sees a video, he/she often by-passes an in-person interview and chooses to speak with the candidate via telephone. This tends to decrease the time between interview and job offer, plus they get to hear from you in your own words. After all, you are more than just a paper resume right?

If you don’t have recent school experience, but have great references you might be able to grab that great school job by taking advantage of the video interview. This will set you apart from others who only present a printed resume. PPR Education Services offers the option of video interviews and can help make your profile stand out amongst the rest.

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