Communication Tips to Improve Your Candidate Experience

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Communicating effectively is key to improving the overall candidate experience and attracting top talent. By dismissing the importance of strong communication practices, hiring organizations risk:

•    Increased lack of interest among potential candidates

•    Weakened reputation

•    Slowdown in time it takes to fill positions

•    Decreased candidate volume

Learn how to improve recruitment efforts with these quick tips for communicating better, listed below!

Making a great first impression

Making a positive first impression is crucial to recruiting top talent. From the click of “Apply,” candidates want to feel like they matter. Although phone calls are best, and much more personable, quick-reply emails work too! After all, it’s the effort that counts …and something is always better than nothing!

Following-up when positions are filled

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No one likes being the bearer of bad news…especially, not hiring managers. Turning down applicants is not fun. However, notifying them when positions are filled with a quick call can be quite beneficial to maintaining good, lasting relationships with candidates. In fact, 47% of applicants prefer a “personal phone call notifying you position has been filled,” as reported in the 2015 Candidate Behavior U.S. Job-Seeker Survey by Career Builder.

Improving with RPO

Help your organization communicate and recruit like a pro! Try using a reputable RPO provider – a great option for ensuring your candidates are receiving the feedback they deserve and desire!

Want to learn more about how RPO can help you improveand achieve a better overall candidate experience? Talk to an RPO expert today! For more information, please visit!

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