Going Back to Cali…..

LL Cool J said it best. “Going Back to Cali” is something I hear from potential contract therapists on a regular basis. Well… it’s more along the lines of “what opportunities do you have in California”.

While most people think of California as the warm sun of the Los Angeles or San Diego areas, there’s one of the country’s great cities just north…San Francisco.

San Fran Sign


Originally a town whose rapid development can be attributed to the California Gold Rush, San Francisco has continued its growth during the late 90’s and 2000’s due to the tech industry. A multicultural community on par with the likes of Miami or New York, San Fran offers a unique travel experience with the security of staying at home in the US. Fine dining, arts, sports, fishing, hiking, skiing (a short distance away), site seeing, whale watching, and countless other activities make San Fran a special place to live.

All that is great, but without a robust job market, it’d be difficult to find work. The great thing about San Francisco is that there are job opportunities everywhere! With such a large population, therapy professionals seem to be in constant demand. Plus there’s wide array of outlying communities, such as Oakland, Berkley, Richmond, San Rafael, Hayward, and San Jose that need therapists of their own. And the Bay Area has one of the highest pay rates in the country!!!

If you’re thinking about a contract assignment in California, San Francisco is definitely a place you should consider! Contact us at www.ppredu.com to learn more!