How Contractors Help Schools

Contract School Therapists

Finding the right people to meet the therapeutic needs of students can be daunting.

Onboarding contracted Speech Language Pathologists (SLPs), Occupational Therapists and School Psychologists is a great way to fill these specialty openings.

Besides getting someone who meets the unique needs of the school system, there are other advantages of working with a recruitment company to fill these positions include:

  • The opportunity to recruit more candidates from a larger nationwide pool opposed to just locally-based candidates.
  • Improved candidate quality with access to a candidate pool filled with more experienced professionals
  • Increased resources such as experienced recruiters, advertising expertise, web-based resources to help you find the most qualified candidates
  • Convenient management of contracted professionals including salary, housing, travel expenses, credentialing which means the district doesn’t have to worry about these.
  • Simplified recruitment and hiring process
  • Reduced time spent interviewing candidates

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