I Heard It Through the Grapevine…Therapy Jobs are Coming

The rumor is that therapists looking for temp positions in schools are a bit concerned that jobs don’t seem to be open. Well, there are some good reasons that the job market looks a bit dim right now…..Timing!

Just think about it. You are not in school. You are off doing great summer stuff. Well, school administrators are doing the same—taking time off to recharge and get ready for the Fall.

That’s right. Nobody is home at the little red school house—or wherever the school district office is. Because few people are in their offices right now. There is not a lot of “action” going on to hire therapists for the coming semester.

Another factor in the seemingly lack of job opportunities is that school systems really don’t like to hire therapists until there is a documented need. Budgets are always tight so unless administrators know there are students who require services, they don’t advertise for healthcare providers. When the kids come back and the needs defined, most likely, jobs will come available.

However, there are school systems that have identified their open positions for the Fall. Right now, we know that there are several openings in both Seattle and Phoenix. So, if you follow Horace Greeley’s advice “to go west young man (or woman), go west!” you may find your next job.

Call us and we can match you with the positions as they become available or check out what is available now at www.ppredu.com.

If you don’t know who Horace Greeley is, check the internet. He’s there.