Is Your RPO Provider Rightfully Representing You?

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While there are many benefits with a strong RPO partnership, it is essential that the RPO actually present your company in a positive way to those who being recruited for the general public.

Organizations may not realize the impact the right RPO partner can have on marketing strategy. An RPO provider can actually assist a client in establishing a positive image at the local, regional, and, yes, the national level. It is important to remember that the RPO partner is, in many instances, the initial contact a potential employee has with the organization.

Some important questions to ask of potential RPO partners in considering them a part of an organization’s strategic planning:

  • Does the RPO understand both the organization’s industry and expertise and/or requirements for each needed position?
  • Is the RPO open to the ways in which the organization assist in the improving a candidate’s experience and incorporate this into the recruitment process?
  • What technology does the RPO offer that can expand but simplify the recruitment process?
  • Can the RPO meet the needs of a growing organization?
  • Does the RPO have the skills to participate in strategic planning with the organization?

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