New Assignment Nerves

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Going to new locations can be nerve-racking, even for the most experienced travel nurses. Shake your new assignment nerves with these quick tips:

Portion out your paycheck.

Try saving at least $50 from every paycheck. You never know when something will pop-up and you’ll need a reserve. You don’t have to start with big savings, but a little bit goes a long way.

new location - portion

Mind your manners. Be a good guest.

Remember you’re a guest in your travel assignments house. You can’t change everything but you can be a helper.

new location - guest

Keep your recruiter abreast of what’s going on!

They can’t help you if they don’t know you’re struggling/things are unsafe.

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In case you’re feeling uncertain, nervous or concerned about your next assignment, reach out to your PPR Travel Nursing Recruiter as soon as possible!

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