Not All RPOs Are Created Equal

Blog Image - Feb. 2016 - TS - Not All RPOs

You have finally made the big decision to find an RPO provider to help you meet your recruitment and staffing needs. That being said, the next step is to find the “perfect” RPO provider for you.

This provider is going to represent you to potential employees and to the world at large. With confidence and conviction, you need to be able to say, “We trust you with our recruiting.” Let’s look at some important issues to consider in selecting just the right RPO provider for you.

What are your recruitment goals? How will you measure them?
Reduced time-to-fill? Increase number of candidates? Filling hard-to-fill positions? Increased retention? All of these? You better have a good idea what you want and need from RPO.

What services/capabilities must the RPO provider have to meet your company’s needs?
Experienced recruiters? Knowledge of your industry? Great technology? Recognition in the staffing industry? A match with your company’s culture? You need to know before you even start looking seriously for a provider.

Where do you find RPO providers?
Ask your contacts from around the country? Do a search on the web? Hire a consultant? Talk to vendors at industry conferences? It is important to understand that the best RPO provider for you can be located anywhere in the country—not in your backyard so to speak. Much of the sourcing and recruiting is done through electronic/telephonic means.

What is most important when choosing an RPO provider?
The big question is: “Is this provider going to be a good partner?” Can we work well together? Will there be great communication with each other? Recruiting is all about establishing relationships—with recruiters, hiring managers, candidates, etc. If you can’t work with the people in the provider, run the other way.

How much does money matter?
In a word, “No”. The topic of money should have come much sooner in the process. RPO is known for reducing costs, but the real benefits come with finding the best people for your organization.

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