Passive vs. Active Candidates

Passive Candidates

Today, more than ever before, organizations across all industries are facing massive candidate shortages and new recruitment challenges. This has affected certain industries more than others including:

  • Retail
  • Hospitality
  • Healthcare

However, no matter the market, quality candidates are harder to come by than ever before. A recent LinkedIn Survey showed that out of the two main types of candidates, active and passive.

active VS PASSIVE (1)

Active candidates, or those currently seeking employment, unfortunately only make up 15 percent of the candidate pool. This means that 85 percent of all candidates out there for your openings are passive candidates. These candidates are currently employed, but when they learn about your organization, can not only fill your open positions but bring additional long-term value. So how do you reach these passive candidates that can bring real value to your organization?

One such way is by partnering with a professional recruitment organization and utilizing a rapidly growing service offering,  Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO). These solutions can solve shortages and improve efficiency. So how can a partnership like this reach these passive candidates?

The main reason is because companies like PPR are able to spend the time and resources to provider targeted recruitment/marketing strategies to reach employed candidates that would be simply too expensive for a facility or system to invest in.

These involve not only technological means but also deployment of human capital to spend time calling on candidates that are not already in your database. This approach, coupled with the work already done by the facility, significantly improves the number of passive candidates reached for each opening.

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