RPO…Another Acronym to Confuse?

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If you put the initials “RPO” in the search line of a search engine on the internet, you will find that it can be defined as anything from Royal Philharmonic Orchestra to Research Protections Office (whatever that is).

When we talk about RPO, we are referring to a way in which companies can improve their ability to find and hire permanent employees that not only meet its talent needs, but match a company’s culture as well.

So, RPO, for us, stands for Recruitment Process Outsourcing.

When a company elects to participate in RPO, it transfers all or part of its recruitment processes to an external service provider. An RPO provider can supply its own technology, methodologies and reporting or assume those of the client company.

There are several ways in which RPO can be assimilated into a company’s operation. Company personnel need to decide exactly how much of the recruiting and sourcing will be relegated to an RPO provider and how much will be retained within the company. It is very important that the company and the provider have strong lines of communication and understand exactly what technology and methodologies will be established and maintained.

If you want an RPO provider that attends to your company’s needs, let us know. We take pride in providing the best in RPO services. Please contact us at www.pprts.com. We look forward to hearing from you.

Oh yes, you might want to click on this video to better understand the way RPO can work to the advantage of your company.