S is for Success

S is for Success

Imagine helping a child to speak, read, write, or even hear for the first time. What a reward that is!

It is what Speech Language Pathologists (SLPs) do as a daily routine. SLPs treat nearly 6 million children affected by speech and language disorders. Problems can range from lack of fluency, difficulty in articulation, inability in producing sounds correctly to problems with understanding words, struggles with expressing words, and trouble with paying attention.

Speech therapy is used to help children with developmental delays, cleft palates, seizures, neurologic and/or genetic disorders, congenital birth defects, hearing loss, speech problems, and gastrointestinal issues.

SLPs help children in so many ways to ensure they can communicate in today’s world.

Celebrating Better Speech and Hearing Month

As part of celebrating Better Speech and Hearing Month, PPR Education Services extends well-deserved recognition to those SLPs who change the lives of children every day.

For more information about career opportunities for SLPs, visit www.ppredu.com to apply today!

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