So What If Kids Run Slower Than Their Parents Once Did?

At the recent American Heart Association’s annual conference, researchers reported that it takes kids aged 9 to 17 a full minute and a half longer to run a mile than it did their parents at the same age. On a more concerning note, the research showed that heart-related fitness in children has declined 5% per decade since 1975. Interestingly enough, the results hold for children around the world, not just US kids.

You might say…so what? What kid is expected to run a mile anyway? The sad truth is that children are more sedentary, more obese, and less active in today’s high-tech world. Only one-third of American kids participate in the recommended 60 minutes of moderately vigorous activity accumulated over a day.

We are now faced with more over weight, and even obese, children than ever before. Unfortunately, over weight kids become overweight and obese adults. Obesity is associated with most of the serious health problems seen in adults—high blood pressure, diabetes, cancer, and heart disease.

 So, it is important news that children can’t run as fast as their parents once did. While school districts are eliminating physical education, maybe it’s time that parents and teachers work together to encourage kids to get back to running more and being more active.

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