So…Why RPO?

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Not convinced that RPO is the way to go with your recruitment and staffing efforts? Let’s look at a few benefits of RPO that might influence your decision to take a long hard look at RPO.

Decrease cost of recruitment – The right RPO provider can look at your processes and advise you on the best way to streamline and improve efficiency. Also, if you elect to give all your recruitment efforts to the provider, you no longer have to support staff to perform this function. You can transfer those employees into other areas of need.

Increase in candidate volume – Remember you have now entered into a partnership (at least the RPO provider better be a partner) with people who are professional recruiters. They know the best way to promote jobs and have the expertise to know who meets your qualifications and who doesn’t. This means you can be presented with many more potential employees to fill needed positions.

Decrease time-to-fill – With more qualified candidates comes the prospect of filling those open positions faster. And, those candidates can be screened to ensure they match your culture—improving the probability of improved retention.

So…here are some of the reasons to help you decide about RPO for your company. We would really like to get into a deeper conversation about the benefits of RPO. Contact us at We know RPO!