Spring Time Motor Skill Fun for School OTs

Spring Time Motor Skill Fun

Spring into the season with fun activities that promotes both hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills for occupational therapy patients to try! You can purchase all the required materials for both activities for under $10 at Walmart or the Dollar Store.

Fine Motor Color Matching Flowers

spring 1 IMG_1059        ***Photos by The Kindergarten Connection

This fine motor and color matching flower activity by The Kindergarten Connection is easy for all ages K-12. Start by taking sheets of felt and cutting out flower shapes. Cut slits into the center of the flowers. Take the colored buttons and choose colors to match your chosen shades of felt. Lace one green through the center of the each button. Ask your student to take each buttoned stem and match it to the same color flower. Then have them attach the two by pulling the stems through.

Needed Supplies

  • Colored felt
  • Color-matched buttons to the felt
  • Green pipe cleaners
  • Scissors

For more information about this activity visit The Kindergarten Connection online or to Pin it click here.

Spring Flower Fine Motor Tray Activity

flower 1 flower 2***Photos by No Time for Flash Cards

This spring flower activity is blooming with fun for all types of school therapy patients, and this is how it’s done! Start by flipping the colander over top of the floral foam. Have your school therapy patient start formulating their bouquet by sticking each of the flowers into the colander one-by-one!

Needed Supplies

  • One colander
  • Artificial flowers
  • Scissors
  • Floral foam in a half circle shape

For more information about this activity visit No Time for Flash Cards online or to Pin it click here.

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