Success in Speech Therapy

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Did you know that 5 percent of first graders suffer from a noticeable speech disorder with no known cause?

Luckily, speech and language disorders are treatable in children under the care of a qualified school speech-language pathologist (SLP).

Time is of the essence

The sooner a child enters into treatment, the better the chances of a successful recovery. Due to developmental growth and progression, positive results are greatest in children who enroll before age 5 and/or starting kindergarten. Furthermore, therapy has the same potential to work effectively for patients K-12 and older, but time is of the essence.

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You can’t beat free

Speech therapy at school is a free and convenient option that should not be dismissed by parents. There is no reason not seek treatment that is readily available…and free! SLPs practicing in schools receive the same training as SLPs who practice in hospitals. School SLPs have simply chosen to work in a different setting. Some have experience in both arenas.

 Celebrating the work of SLPs

PPR Education Services wants to recognize the life-changing work of school SLPs! Learn more about our speech therapy openings – available nationwide! Visit to apply today!

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