The Power of Perception 

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Perception is everything, especially in the minds of interviewing job candidates.

The power of perception has the ability to dictate a candidate’s decision to accept or deny a job offer. After all, would you accept a job offer from a foul-mouthed, full-of-himself hiring manager?

Interviews offer a sneak peek as to what the candidate can expect from potential employees, and with the average interview lasting around 30 minutes to an hour… every second count. Prompt positive perceptions with these three tips:

Set Aside Enough Time

Rushing an interview is not different than rushing a big purchase…it’s not smart. Allowing enough time for the candidate to get a feel for what you have to offer is very important. Scheduling an open window of at least an hour is highly suggested for both first-and-second-round interviews.

Let the Candidate Interview You

Put a spin on the stale exchange of interview Q&A, and let the candidate interview you too. This exercise will expose the candidate’s real interest in your organization and create a valuable opportunity for you to potentially win them over.

Avoid Tardiness

Call when you say you’re going to call and show up on time. Nothing evokes feelings disrespect and disconnect like thoughtless tardiness.

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