Things Are Better in Pairs

Some of the best things in history have come in pairs – Romeo & Juliet, Wayne & Garth, Bert & Ernie. Traveling can be a scary thought for some people. Adventuring off to a new place by yourself, not knowing anyone in your new city or town, the fear of the unknown.  But guess what??? You don’t have to travel alone! Traveling with a friend or family member can be a great way to get the best of both worlds.

“Ex-squeeze me? A-Baking powder?”


So what are the benefits you ask? Well, for starters–companionship. Sharing the experiences of your new surroundings can be exciting for both you and your traveling buddy.

Secondly, more cash in your wallet. If you are traveling with another nurse or therapist, you can often split housing costs and travel expenses. You can also earn hefty bonuses for referring your friends. I mean…who doesn’t like more cash?

Not everything is roses, traveling in teams may have some challenges. For example, it is not always feasible to find positions for two people together at the same hospital, for the same shift, or even in the same town. Also, something could go wrong (think Sonny and Cher) and you could be left with covering all housing expenses on your own.  (Get a look at those fancy pants)


No worries, the benefits of traveling with a buddy are far greater. The biggest tip we can give you and your travel partner are to BE FLEXIBLE! The more open you are to shift and location, the easier time you will have finding great positions over and over again.

“The nice thing about traveling as a team, is that you get to see and experience new places together! I am not one to go exploring alone, so having a buddy makes trying new restaurants, taking short day trips or maybe just traveling to an unknown area (not to mention starting at a new hospital, the orientation process and your first day), just having someone you know, to be there with you, takes a lot of the stress away and makes the adventure fun!”  – Lara White, PPR Travel RN

So, don’t be scared! Get your travel on… and bring a friend!