Video Interviewing – Not Just a Fad

As a recruiting firm, clients often tell us how difficult it is to find the “right” candidates for their open positions. Hiring managers spend a lot of time interviewing candidates that are not a culture match and/or do not meet the standards for their organization.

Is this an issue for you? Well, great news – with technological advancements come new ways of doing things that are more efficient and allow hiring managers a better “view” into the candidates that are applying for positions. What is this advancement? Enhanced video interviewing!

Many of you have had experience with “Skype” like interviews, but this is so much more. Individuals wishing to be considered for a position use a smart phone, iPad, or computer to record themselves responding to a set of interview questions (that you determine) and then send the interview electronically to the hiring manager/recruiter.

The benefits? Organizations get a better picture (literally) of the potential employee. and whether he/she will fit with the company’s culture and match the requirements of the position. The person becomes more than just a paper resume

There are time-saving, cost-reduction and efficiency components to using this new video interview platform. Managers can review the interviews whenever it is convenient for them. Potential candidates can also complete interviews without ever having to leave their home – this is particularly beneficial if you are hiring outside of your general area. It can help broaden your candidate reach and help you cast a wider net.

If you are concerned that using video interviewing cannot give you the necessary information to determine if a candidate will be successful in the job for which the candidate is being interviewed, a recently released study conducted by GCG Solutions supports the validity of interviewing using the video option. The report states that the predictive validity of video interviewing is just as good as interviewing face-to-face. For more information about a study that examined the effectiveness of video interviewing:

In the competitive job market environment, it is essential to choose individuals who will contribute to your organization and become engaged employees. Video interviewing is one way to assist in that effort.

Here at PPR, we have found tremendous success on the travel and permanent placement sides of our business using new video interviewing technology. Clients love it and it has helped reduce screening, sourcing, and hiring times.

Do you have experience hiring from video interviewing? Tell us about it!

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