Why CMS Home Care is in Demand

CMS Home Care is in demand.

The increasing focus by Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) on keeping seniors healthy and in their own homes has opened opportunities to Nurse Practitioners who can assist in making sure this can be accomplished.

Nurse Practitioners now have the opportunity to augment their regular income by performing assessments on a part-time basis for Medicare patients in their homes. The option is also available if a Nurse Practitioner who is not currently employed to accept home visits on a full time or, even on a part-time schedule.

The nurse practitioner is responsible for:

  • Performing thorough physical assessments (including BMI and monofilament exam)
  • Encourage healthy behaviors and identify prevention opportunities
  • Determining symptoms of potential depression
  • Gauging the patient’s fall risk
  • Assessing the patient’s overall nutritional health
  • Determining how well the person is coping with any disease process. The discussion is held regarding medications and if they are having the desired result
  • Managing and updating patient documentation and charting

The benefit of taking a position performing assessments is flexibility and control of scheduling. Plus, the Nurse Practitioner is providing a needed service to seniors.

If you are a certified adult, family or gerontological Nurse Practitioner interested in exploring the opportunity of making home assessments, contact us at www.pprriskadjust.com. We would love to give you more information. Contact us today!