Affiliates Are Customers, Too


Ask any staffing agency their opinion on being an affiliate vendor in a vendor managed program…..stand back and watch the fireworks. Often times the way the VM services are structured is not in the best interests of the network of affiliate agencies. Agencies may feel neglected and underappreciated when working within traditional VM programs.

The heart of any VM program is the network of agencies that deliver healthcare professionals to clients filling their needs for supplemental staff. We have experienced VM programs replacing communication with agencies and client hospitals using web-based delivery system where the only interaction is with computer data input……REALLY?? Because establishing a close relationship enables both vendor and agency to resolve issues the client may incur.

Collaborative VM programs balancing the needs of the client along with the affiliate vendor agencies make for the best experience for the client and traveling professional. Thankfully, there are a few vendor management programs that willingly go the “extra mile” to maintain an active communication system for both affiliates and clients.

We are successful at leading VM because we are also an affiliate vendor who knows both side of the story, and can we tell you stories.

 Tell us yours…..