Foul First Impressions – Part 1



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Count to seven. That is how long you have to make a good first impression on a potential job candidate. Basically, hiring organizations have one shot in creating a great candidate experience with no guarantee of a second chance.

“Great” candidate experiences are cultivated from “great” first impressions. Meaning, to achieve “greatness,” connections must be developed between hiring organizations and candidates before they apply and every day thereafter.

BLOG - Foul First Impressions - Part 1

Foul first impressions to avoid

So, we know first impressions count to candidates…but, it’s important to understand what makes them tick and what turns them off. Examples of foul first impressions you want to avoid include:

  • Poor user experience during the candidate’s first visit to the organization’s website
  • Sending candidate to voicemail or not being able to get a ‘real’ person on the phone
  • Unpleasant first-time interactions with staff, recruiters and/or hiring managers

Improving the Candidate Experience with RPO

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