Solving Talent Shortages with RPO

Solving Talent Shortages with RPO

In a recent paper, Optimizing Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) Today, the Aberdeen Group noted the main struggle for HR today is shortages of critical skills in the labor pool.

As the chart below illustrates, critical skill shortages far outweigh other challenges in recruitment today. The question becomes, how do you reach qualified candidates (typically passive candidates) when you are already stretched too thin with other priorities?


One such way is to partner with a professional recruitment organization in what is called a Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) relationship. With RPO, an organization outsources some or all of its recruitment process to a partner.

An RPO provider brings significant expertise to the table in order to help tap into 100% of the candidate pool and ensure a targeted approach for the passive candidates—those who could add real value to your organization.

Working with a partner like PPR on your side, you gain the following:

  1. National reach to target passive candidates outside of your local market.
  2. Improved technology channel partners to expand your footprint.
  3. Increased candidate pool for current and future hires.
  4. Cost containment/reduction overall for recruitment.

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About the Author

Trevor Strauss, Director of Strategic Partnerships with PPR, has over 15 years of business development experience, is an active member of the ACHE and focuses on the healthcare recruiting industry.

His career has spanned multiple industry verticals, from single search needs to full outsourcing programs for client partners ranging in size from small rural and community-based organizations to Fortune 14 companies.

His area of focus is on developing culture-based healthcare programs that support the hiring of clinical and non-clinical professionals, in order to drive the strongest possible ROI.