Technology is a Tool; Not a Partner

So, you have entered into a contract with a vendor manager, with the understanding technology will solve your problems and now you are all set to get profiles for those hard-to-fill nursing jobs. Yes, you may have a technology solution where the vendor can enter the resumes for those nurses, but what happens if you just don’t seem to get those profiles? Or, what happens if the profiles you do get aren’t the right fit for your needs? Or, your organization?

What you are about to experience is the Achilles heel of technology that exists when the computer is used as the only solution to staffing needs. Yes, technology is great! Yes, the computer has changed the world in which we live and do business. But, and it is a BIG but, a computer cannot take the place of a real, live person who talks with you and hears your pain.

A computer is a tool. A person is a problem-solver. A computer takes input, data and profiles, stores them. A person can make judgments, assessing nurse profiles before submitting them to you.

The best of all worlds occurs when technology is married to human interaction and a partnership is born.

You, as a client, should expect no less from a vendor manager. Partnership! Having the ability to talk with a human being who is aware of your needs can utilize the tool of technology to help solve your problems.

If you are interested in having a partner for a vendor manager, look us up. We have the latest in technology but it is the people who make the difference.

Let PPR Vendor Solutions help solve your vendor staffing needs.