What’s the Best Healthcare Staffing Solution—VMS or MSP?

All about Relationships


Well, it depends. As someone charged with temporary staffing, do you want to continue to oversee employees who must learn a software system and be charged with operating and maintaining a system OR do you want to develop a relationship with people who will use technology on your behalf and find candidates who match your needs?

VMS focuses on technology as the solution and offers a software platform through which agencies interact with to secure temporary employment. Often, there is little or no interaction with the company which manages the software. It is a matter of your posting needs and waiting to see who responds. And then, your employees wade through the applicants.

MSP, on the other hand, is designed to be more consultative in approach. Building a relationship between the hospital/facility and the service provider. The service provider uses technology, but uses it on your behalf. Communication is an important part of the MSP system. The service provider works closely as your partner to define needs and ensure those needs are being met.

So…what option do you want? Technology or a Partner that has technology but also understands your needs?

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