How does your VMS handle terminations? Do you have the right partner?

No matter how carefully you try to match a healthcare professional with the perfect assignment, sometimes the match doesn’t work. The facility determines that the healthcare professional does not possess the skills/temperament/courtesy/unit fit, etc. so cancels the assignment.

When the professional has been placed via a VMS, frequently this takes the agency out of the mix of directly communicating with a facility regarding their professional.  It now becomes the responsibility of the VMS to provide thorough and immediate communication to the affiliate. The VMS becomes the mediator of the situation and has a responsibility to both the facility and affiliate to provide neutral guidance and response to the concerns.

Many times it is difficult to gather paperwork from the facility, but the VMS, acting as a partner, can establish a process that will expedite gathering and reporting information regarding reasons for terminating a contract.

The affiliate needs to know the reasons the assignment was terminated in order to take appropriate action regarding retention of the professional. The facility wants to ensure that the VMS can interact with the professional whose assignment has been cancelled in a proficient manner and make the necessary steps to inform the affiliate.

The VMS may also act to enable the affiliate to directly communicate with the facility—if the facility is willing to do so.

Partnership is the key. Knowing that you have a great VMS partner is key in these types of unfortunate situations.

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