Meet Dr. Ruth…No, Not the Sex Therapist

PPR has its own Dr. Ruth. She is taller and younger than the nationally-known therapist plus is a nurse rather than a psychologist. Our Dr. Ruth has a diverse background in nursing and healthcare. She has earned degrees in nursing, gerontology, and education. She also founded the School of Nursing at Jacksonville University and served as Nursing Education Director and later Executive Director of the Florida Board of Nursing. Her clinical experiences range from maternity nursing, pediatrics, dialysis, communicable diseases to hospice.

So why is this important to know? Well, she is the go-to person when a travel nurse needs to vent about some clinical issue and if a client wants to discuss the patient care of one of our healthcare professionals. She understands nursing and “nursese” so that our travel nurses and clients can communicate without having to worry if the person on the other end of the phone knows what is being said.

She is always available to listen to our nurses and clients. Ruth loves to talk to nurses and get an insight of what they are doing and feeling.

On a more personal level, Dr. Ruth has a daughter-in-law and, now, a granddaughter who are nurses. At family holiday dinners, they share stories about all the interesting experiences nurses have. Ask her about the time the three of them sat at Thanksgiving dinner and went over NCLEX-RN questions to help the soon to be graduate nurse pass the licensure exam. “The really funny thing was that we sat and argued about the right answers while the rest of the family enjoyed dessert. They thought we were crazy. I believe the comment was, ‘Only nurses…!’

Dr. Ruth created the Quality Management Unit and establish PPR’s QM processes, standards, and procedures. In 2004, she presented the standards at the annual meeting of the American Organization of Nurse Executives (AONE) and from the presentation came an article that appeared in the Legal edition of the Journal of Nursing Administration. The article appeared as a citation in The Joint Commission Standards for Health Care Staffing Services Certification Manual.

Several of our travel nurses have said that they appreciated being able to speak with Dr. Ruth about clinical issues and get some insight on ways to deal with difficult situations.

If you want to contact Dr. Ruth, her e-mail address is She would love to hear from you.