Nurse Leaders to Invade Orlando – AONE

The American Organization of Nurse Executives has chosen March 12-15 in Orlando, the Land of Innumerable Theme Parks, as the place to hold its annual conference. The theme this year is “Inspiring Leadership”. As usual, there is a lineup of great speakers that include;

  • Benjamin Zander, conductor of the Boston Philharmonic
  • Robert Ballard, the man best known for his discovery of the Titanic
  • Jason Hwang, healthcare innovator, and
  • Olympia Snowe, former U.S. Senator for Maine.

Individual sessions address issues related to leadership, healthy culture, safety, conflict resolution, interprofessional communication, and much more..

AONE has developed an app where attendees can download all the sessions via their cell phones and/or their personal computers. There will be a technology center where individuals can get tips on ways to plug in and take advantage of every speaker even if someone cannot attend a particular session. In fact this year, there will be opportunities to review all types of technology that focus on areas specific to nursing practice.

But, as important as the speakers and the educational sessions are, the opportunity for networking with other nursing leaders to share ideas and solutions to problems is just as valuable. The conference offers the prospect of making connections with individuals who share common responsibilities but come from different areas of the country.

One session will discuss the ways to deliver high quality care with cost effective staffing practices. The presenters maintain that effective staffing can no longer be left to the whims of opinion, tradition or financial concerns alone.

Want / need to hire the right talent?

Group of fish

PPR  will be an exhibitor at AONE, where we can provide you the solution to “Catch the Right Talent”. Look for our fishing Captains, booth 1015, were they will be demonstrating what your organization can expect when you “Catch the Right Talent”

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Hire hard to Fills                         Improve Care

See you in Orlando….Fish On!